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Revelation - Week 6 - Prophesy in Today's News

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Connecting the dots to get the picture.

Well, it seems technical problems will continue to the end. The video camera did not record audio. No great loss. I have uploaded the recording from my phone and the PDF of the slides.

Here is the Audio

Here is the slides PDF

I will not be out of town this week, so I will not be here on Thursday, October 3rd. However, Mary will be reviewing and facilitating discussion of what I believe are the 14 primary points from the Gospels and 1st Corinthians that reveal the nature of Jesus, which seems to me appropriate since we are studying the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I will see you all again on Thursday, 10/10 if the Lord tarries. (or in church on Sunday 10/6)

Jesus Christ - Super Star

In listening to the recording, I noticed I never made the point I was going to make in bringing up this rock opera. We were talking about God's timing, and Judas' last musical lament included the lyrics, "If you had come today you would have reached a whole nation, Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication. Why did you pick a backward time and such a strange nation?"

God's timing is always perfect. The prophesies of when the "right time" would be were recorded in the Old testament in the book of Daniel that had been translated into the universal language of the Greek empire and spread over the whole world on the 200,000 miles of roads built by the Romans empire. Both of these empires were prophesied by Gabriel and recorded in Daniel.

The gospel of Jesus spread over all those roads with apostles and disciples using the well-known old testament to reveal Jesus. God's timing was perfect.

As we have seen, the cross suspended the "...time of your people, Daniel" until the "age of the gentiles" or "age of grace" or "the church age" reaches "its fullness." At the end of this age, the final 7 years of Daniel's start. Gabriel didn't give us the exact day like he did with the Messiah's first coming, but Jesus gave us the signs of the season. And the signs of the season do include mass communication. He is coming soon.

Please share this with anyone you think may be interested.


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