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Revelation Week 5 Chapter 1 Overview - God's Laws (Including Quantum Physics)

Well, that was fun! I love gathering with my brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing worship and His word. I find it hilarious that what God created this universe out of nothing and that is exactly what advanced physics has shown. When you get down to the smallest particles that make up the pieces of an atom you get to nothing but empty space. Just some strange not-solid, not-energy "thing" with no set location in space that changes when you observe it. Quantum physics has indicated that there are at least 10 dimensions, but we can only perceive 4: length, width, height and time. We cannot perceive dimensions 5-10 with any 4-dimensional system, but within those other dimensions is the spiritual warfare that shapes our reality.

According to Revelation 1:3 we are nearing the end of of the spiritual warfare being played out in the current age. But according to Jesus' "End Times" prophesy, there are many things that must happen first in the physical universe. In our next session, we will be looking at how those prophesies are being fulfilled in today's news.

We are meeting again Thursday September 26th and start teaching at 7:30 with worship starting about 7:15. Please feel free to show up about 7:00 PM for fellowship.

I will be out of town October 3rd, so there will not be a bible study that Thursday.

We will resume Thursday, October 10th. room A202/203.

Here's the PDF of the slides: PowerPoint

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