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Revelation Week 3 - Echoes of Prophesy

Every time I teach the book of Revelation I find new treasures. Such immediate fulfillment of the promised blessing! We're still getting the gadget kinks worked out - I forgot to start recording until we were 15 minutes in. Sorry about that. I've actually walked outside the camera view for much of it. Happily, we have a volunteer for the camera this week!

Here's the download link: Download Video

Here's the PDF of the slides: Slide PDF

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Sep 12, 2019

Hi, Carol. I will try to split out the audio and amplify it, but I will not be able to do it until maybe the weekend. Hope to see you tonight! (I will have clear audio posted separately from tonight on.)


Carol Francis
Sep 12, 2019

Sound is very weak. Can you turn it up a little bit?

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